vCard QR

What is Vcard Metabox #


On the vCard Settings page of this plugin, you will see the Switcher button below, which is labeled “Select post type to enable vCard Metabox”, which means that when you click on Swtchier next to the post type name and save. then Enable vCard meta box functionality on that post type




How to know if vCard is enabled on post type basis #

Suppose you Click “Posts” and save, Now go to

Posts > ALL posts  and edit a post OR

Posts > Add new 

Scroll Down the page and You can see the below field



How to Display the  vCard QR Code: #


There are two ways to display the vCard QR code

1): Automatically Display after the Content: If you want to display automatically, click on the switcher button and vCard QR will be displayed automatically after the content.


2): Display by Shortcode: If you want to display the vCard QR code in a preferred location on your site, you can use the shortcode

How to use the vCard Shortcode?

Please refer to the image below, when you fill in and save the vCard information you will see such information below the created vCard QR code.


Here it will be said,
1) The first shortcode you get can be used anywhere on the site, although we use that post type, this shortcode will do all the post types.

2) The second shortcode that you will see for WordPress developers, will be able to use this code in the template, but the template is post type sensitive, which means that the vCard of the post type must use”single.php or singular.php”. otherwise will not work